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Personal Profile Analysis



Mr Thomas is thorough, friendly and sincere by nature. A consistent worker who prefers to be a member of a team, he is capable of applying himself to most tasks once he knows what is required. He is able to do detailed work, but does not necessarily enjoy it. Mr Thomas has good communication skills and the drive to achieve. His overall approach is personable, friendly and patient.

He dislikes loose ends, preferring to see each task through to its logical conclusion before moving on to the next one.  It is unlikely that this person will rush in, preferring to organise himself and obtain a thorough understanding of the job before starting. Mr Thomas is a self-starter, although not necessarily a quick one and it may be necessary to provide short-cut methods to enable him to get started.  However, once he starts, he applies himself with great tenacity.

Loyalty and sincerity are natural attributes, valued by this person in others. He has strong opinions and is difficult to persuade when his mind is made up. He can often frustrate others who are of a more flexible nature by his reluctance to change course or adapt quickly. Mr Thomas wants to know what is expected of him.

Basically kind and appreciative, his feelings can be hurt despite his rather independent attitude. He is good at servicing and displays a lot of follow-through. He is team/group oriented and has a strong need to belong. There is a tendency for him to not reveal his true thoughts. Mr Thomas is a good listener and can build a sense of trust in others fairly easily. However, he resents being told or hurried and takes criticism to heart. Unfortunately the tendency toward strong opinions and stubbornness sometimes necessitates a clear understanding of what he will be assessed. Mr Thomas probably differentiates between friends and acquaintances. He may avoid making decisions until he has all the details.


Mr Thomas is driven to organise. He likes to know where he is going and what he is doing. He needs to be able to identify with the organisation and has an inherent need to feel secure.


Organising and leading 

The job should provide some form of security, as well as a chance to lead and apply himself to a task. There should be responsibility to see a job through and to get on with it.  The working environment should be structured. The tasks can be routine but not low level. Change should be discussed and not "come out of the blue".


Kind, thorough, stubborn, friendly, amiable, tenacious, assertive, communicative, independent, opinionated, driving,dependable, asks "why", "who" and "what".


There are indicators within Mr Thomas's profile that he may be stretching himself to his limits currently. The cause is likely to be one of the following:

  • Mr Thomas may be in a new position and currently going through a job crisis. This normally occurs between three to nine months after commencement of a new job.
  • Whilst performance should be carefully monitored, after a period of time the graph should return to normal.
  • He may be over-promoted and over-stretched within the current job. (This would normally only apply if he had been in the position for more than twelve months.)
  • He may be forcing himself to be something he is not and attempting to do a job which is not compatible with his natural behavioural characteristics.
The above should be considered and the likely effect this could have on both the person and job performance.


There are indicators which suggest that due to the frustration showing in the profile, one or more of the following may apply:

  • He may have some personal financial insecurities.
  • He may be out of work or alternatively could be frustrated within his current job. 
  • He may be in a situation where either business is poor or the superior is dissatisfied with performance.
Although demotivation may not always be evident, Mr Thomas may be feeling internally insecure.  Performance may fall if the pressures are allowed to continue. He may need help from his superior in order to overcome the current demotivation.


There are indicators of frustrations/problems/stresses within Mr Thomas's profile, but in this instance it is not clear as to whether they are of a personal nature or work related.

It is suggested therefore that both avenues are pursued to find the cause as such frustrations could certainly lead to a fall off in performance.

There are indicators which suggest that Mr Thomas may be feeling pressurised within the current job/boss situation.

The reason behind this is likely to be one or more of the following:

  • Mr Thomas may have objectives that have not been clearly defined by his boss.
  • He may have responsibilities without authority.
  • He may have too many bosses.
  • He may have a very aggressive boss, with whom he cannot relate.
  • Mr Thomas may not understand his objectives, regardless of how well the boss has communicated them.
  • He is frustrated and feels he can contribute more than he is being allowed.
As a result, job performance is likely to be affected and frustration may result.

We recommend that the above be carefully considered and assessed against the circumstances likely to prevail in any job.

Thought should be given to the profile of the boss, to ensure that if there are any existing frictions they are tackled.


Mr Thomas is motivated by security of situation, sincere recognition of his achievements and challenging objectives which are fully understood. Ideally he wants explanations, not restrictions, with opportunities for advancement within his area of expertise.

Should Mr Thomas have a boss, then ideally that person will be a diplomatic but direct leader, who takes time to clearly define parameters and objectives and then allows him to get on with the job. Consultation should be on a regular basis and assistance, if required, should be available when decisions of a critical nature have to be made.

A Human Job Analysis has not been requested. Therefore, it has not been possible to make an assessment of Mr Thomas's strengths and weaknesses against the specific job requirement.

Please note

The above report is a guide. The Personal Profile Analysis is a work orientated inventory. This report is designed to assist in the selection, appraisal, development or coaching and counselling process.

The report should never be used in isolation but always in conjunction with both an interview and a process whereby a person's experience, education, qualifications, competence and trainability can be assessed.

Other reports are available on the Thomas program which will provide additional useful information about this person.

Thomas recommend that consideration be given to using these further reports when appropriate.


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