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Personal Profile Analysis

The Thomas PPA system is a powerful work place inventory and can be used in virtually every aspect of human relations within the work environment.

The PPA user benefits:

  • Increases performance levels and reduces costs by identifying the best job fit to match organisational and team culture.
  • Unique, 10 minutes to assess a person - saves screening costs and management time.
  • Links human resource strategy to business strategy, identifying HR strengths and limitations and maximising results.
  • Reduces subjectivity, resulting in better selection and return on staff and management investment.
  • In conjunction with Thomas TST identifies leaders and high flyers.
  • Highlights training needs resulting in savings on training costs.
  • Inexpensive to use - pay as you go system - no licence fee.
  • Reports easy to understand, written by managers for managers.
  • Ipsative test, proven over 20 years in the UK with an extensive record of criterion validity studies.
  • Often less than 6 months payback.

The PPA system includes:

Personal Profile Analysis forms:

  • Assess the person
  • Identifies frustrations and stresses
  • Details motivators and fears
  • Less than 10 minutes to complete
  • Both software and manual interpretation

Human Job Analysis forms:

  • Evaluates the job needs
  • Considers the culture

Certificated PPA Training:

  • Two day duration
  • Public or in-house
  • Comprehensive ongoing training

PPA User Workshop

The one day in-house Thomas PPA User Workshop is specifically designed for organisations who:

  • Have a trained analyst who can act as the organisational "expert" and assist internal users by answering detailed questions on the PPA system as and when required.
  • Wish to extend their internal user base to competent Managers by having them Thomas trained in order to maximise the system benefits across the organisation.

Workshop objectives:

At the end of the workshop the participants will be able to:

  • Complete, score, plot and understand profiles.
  • Identify points to review and prepare questions to ask at interview or appraisal.
  • Give feedback.
  • Identify values and limitations
  • Use the system and software for recruitment, appraisal and coaching

The PPA User Workshop includes:

  • A one day in-house workshop which provides training on how to use the system.
  • A complete reference manual on all subject matter covered.

Thomas Key software:

  • International expert system
  • Produces 18 different HR reports
  • Creates reports within minutes
  • Updated annually
  • Pay as you use
  • Fully supported, free customer helpline

Customer Care:

  • Follow up tutorials
  • Regular service calls
  • Technical support
  • On the spot national and local assistance through our network of 70 consultants throughout the UK

The PPA System & Thomas Key software reports provide:

Written Assessments

Assess the individual's self image, work strengths, self motivation and comment on job emphasis, frustration and the ideal boss.


Provide penetrating interview questions for management, sales or administrative/technical functions.


  • Management abilities
  • Sales potential
  • Administration/Technical competence

Strengths and Limitations

Provide a management summary of special strengths and possible limitations in the form of bullet points.

How to Manage

Provides hints and tips for management. It explains what form of supervision is most likely to be effective in terms of motivation, communication, support, delegation and disciplining.

Training Needs

Describes a person, identifies competence, weaknesses and training needs.

Team Analysis

Allows an organisation to identify the ideal team culture, assess an actual team culture and promote a gap analysis in terms of behavioural and role fit shortfall. It also assesses every team member against the team culture.

Executive Summary

Provides a comprehensive report in bullet points relating to a persons characteristics and is designed for busy executives and managers.

Career Guidelines

Provide a self-image of the person, work strengths, self-motivation, job emphasis and simple career guidelines.

Assess a Job (HJA)

Provides a description of the behavioural requirements of a job.

Job and Person Comparison

Describes the job requirements and gives comments on the strengths and weaknesses of a candidate when compared with a particular job.

Computer Scoring

Allows the user to input both PPA and HJA response line by line to generate scores and/or graphs.

Service Excellence:

  • Over 70 consultants provide on the spot UK advice and remain in regular contact.
  • Follow up tutorials after training.
  • Technical after sales support as part of the service.
  • Regular development of software and materials.
  • Software recharges by telephone or fax.

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